What About the Baby?

What can we keep in mind to help every baby have good infant mental health?

icons_baby_forParentsThe birth of a baby offers the hopefulness of a new relationship and the promise for growth and change.

icons_store_socialBabies have something to say…it is up to the adults in their world to learn the language.

icons_store_otherBabies remember their earliest relationship experiences. These experiences become the prototypes for future relationships, influencing their trust of themselves, others, and the world.

icons_store_reflectivesuperBabies are active partners in each relationship. They bring their own personalities, unique strengths, and vulnerabilities to the relationship.

icons_for_pros_handBabies need to be attended to, even when parents are overburdened.

icons_store_chilewelfareThe baby is a window into the soul – into the past and present experiences that may haunt parents, and into the awakening sense of joy and promise in a new life.