Jackson County Association For Infant Mental Health

Supporting Relationships for Infants and Families

JCAIMH is a group comprised of members from several different sectors. Some of the arenas represented in our membership include The Department of Health and Human Services, Community Mental Health practitioners, health care, Early Head Start, and Early On. We have approximately 10-15 active members that meet monthly at our local Health Department. We are currently focusing on our newly established Community Review Team that provides a place for practitioners to present on families with complex needs and walk away with ideas on how to best help families meet their goals of emotional and physical health and wellness. We are also planning to promote the Baby Bench Card locally with our colleagues working in Protective Services, Foster Care and Family Law.

Chapter Officers

NameChapter Position
Shelley Hawver, LMSW, IMH-E® (IV)
Jackson County
President and
Chapter Representative
Amanda Pauken
Jackson County
Julie Lenhart, LMSW, IMH-E® (II)
Jackson County