Professionals who have earned MI-AIMH Endorsement® from other states/countries

Last updated on 03/05/2013

MI-AIMH has Endorsed® the following professionals from other states.  Those states with asterisks (*) are members of the The Alliance and have purchased licenses to use MI-AIMH’s Competency Guidelines® and Endorsement®.  They are at varying stages of implementation.

For more information about The Alliance (formerly The League of States), please go to the The Alliance.

For more information about earning Endorsement® if you reside in a state outside of The Alliance, please scroll refer to our Endorsement® Policies.






Ackerman, Cristina 2013 Level III
Hodges, Lisa 2012 Level II
Hurley, Teresa 2013 Level III
Gail Trujillo 2013 Level III


Eidson, Faith 2007 Level III
Valdez-Strickland, Nicole 2007 Level III
Warren, Mary 2007 Level IV
Weigand, Barbara 2007 Level IV
Weigand, Robert 2007 Level IV
Wightman, Barbara 2007 Level IV


Ash, Jordana 2010 Level IV
Balentine, Christy 2010 Level IV
Browne, Joy 2008 Level IV
Foote, Andrea 2010 Level IV
Hause, Noelle 2011 Level IV
Kubicek, Lorraine 2013 Level IV
Lawrence, Michael 2009 Level II
Pottoroff, Janis 2011 Level III
Rogers, Elizabeth 2010 Level IV
Waggoner, Melissa 2010 Level IV


Close, Nancy 2010 Level IV
Davis, Lois 2011 Level IV
Holmberg, Margaret 2010 Level IV
Mills, Christiana 2010 Level IV
O’Brien, Catherine 2010 Level IV
Saul, Dale 2010 Level IV
Shepardson-Watson, Kimberly 2010 Level IV
Simpson, Tanika 2011 Level III
Whitney, Grace-Ann 2010 Level IV


Kang, Rebecca (Inactive) 2012 Level IV


Grice, Carol 2011 Level IV
Mori, Carrie 2011 Level IV
Murdock, Remae 2011 Level III
Nelson, Susan 2011 Level II


Baxter, Carol 2005 Level IV
Blanford, Tawnya 2006 Level III
Hall, Sonja 2006
Silva-Zletz, Olga 2006 Level III


Mihlbauer, Therese 2005 Level IV
Minnich, Heike 2010
Ryan, Stacey 2005 Level IV
Tomlin, Angela 2005 Level IV


Keating, Susann 2011 Level III
Maguire, Catherine 2006 Level III
Matacz, Rochelle 2006 Level III
O’Donnell, Rosari 2011 Level III


Chapel-Miller, Suzanne 2008 Level III
Eberhart-Wright, Alice 2008 Level IV
Estes, Cathy 2008 Level IV
Gaskill, Richard 2008 Level IV
Mayse, Shelley 2008 Level IV
Messner, Lana 2008 Level IV
Miksch, Peggy 2008 Level IV
Smith-Birk, Tiffany 2008 Level IV
Thayer, Sophie 2008 Level IV


Blomquist, Kathi-Lynn 2008 Level III
Ellison, Jane 2008 Level IV
Harman, Scott 2008 Level IV
Kragthorpe, Candy 2008 Level IV
O’Leary, JoAnn 2008 Level IV
Pearson, Jolene 2008 Level IV
Schultz, Susan 2008 Level IV
Siegel, Carol 2008 Level IV
Simon, Jill 2008 Level IV
Watson, Christopher 2008 Level IV

New Jersey **

Costa, Gerry 2013 Level IV
Mulrooney, Kathleen 2013 Level IV
Mulcahy, Kaitlin 2013 Level IV
Vanburch, Kimberlee 2013 Level II

New Mexico **

Clarke, Jane 2007 Level IV
Freedman, Harrie 2007 Level IV
Harris, Deborah 2007 Level IV
Martinez, Soledad Pilar 2007 Level IV
Moriarta, Marcia 2007 Level IV
Segel, Pamela 2007 Level IV
Van Horn, Jacqui 2007 Level IV


Lansdowne, Treasa 2008 Level II
Weber, Jennifer 2008 Level III
Griffith Nedbalek, Kelley 2008 Level IV
Irey, Karen 2008 Level IV
Rahhal, Sarah 2008 Level IV
Spicer, Paul 2013 Level IV


Reams, Redmond 2004 Level IV
Jaecksch, Sandra Level IV


Moss, Barbara 2005 Level IV


Coleman, Debra Taylor 2012 Level III
Feldman, Laurie R. 2012 Level II
Mann, Vivian 2012 Level III
Martens, Judith 2013 Level IV
O’Neal, Laura J. 2012 Level III
Wolff, Jennifer Epstein 2012 Level III


Choosakul, Haruko W. 2010 Level III
Cobb, Barbara 2010 Level III
Coccia-Eddy, Mysti 2010 Level II
Crawford, Marnee 2010 Level II
Erickson, Laura 2010 Level II
Forslund, Katherine 2010 Level II
Hale, Megan 2010 Level III
Han, Kai-Ju (Carol) 2010 Level II
Hill, Sherri 2013 Level IV
Jaecksh, Sandra 2010 Level IV
Kanzler, Kim 2010 Level II
Kroll, Meghan 2009 Level III
Lewis, Gay Adele 2010 Level II
Martinez, Alicia 2010 Level II
Miles, Kim (Inactive) 2010 Level II
Miles, Kimberly A. (Inactive) 2012 Level III
Munk, Elizabeth Marguerite 2010 Level II
Ogasawars-Whitehead, Mimi 2010 Level II
Ogasawara, Mimi 2012 Level III
Rodriguez, Carmen 2010 Level II
Sandeno, Shannon 2013 Level III
Sohl, Marie 2010 Level III
Thomas, Tara 2010 Level II
Weston, Donna 2010 Level IV


Ahlers, Therese 2011 Level IV
Clark, Roseanne 2011 Level IV
Copa, Annette 2011 Level IV
Enters, Terri 2011 Level I
Fountain, Bryanne Evelyne 2012 Level  II
Hack, Janna 2010 Level IV
Hipke, Kathleen 2011 Level IV
Nenide, Lana 2011 Level IV
Noddings Eichinger, Carol 2011 Level IV
Robinson, Jane 2011 Level I