Preventative Home Visitors

Being infant mental health informed means using knowledge, skills and reflective experiences to guide our work with infants, toddlers, and families.

As a preventative home visitor, this means understanding:

  • Infant/very young child development & behavior to guide a family’s expectations and to help them support what is coming next for their baby
  • Attachment, separation, trauma, grief & loss to encourage what is going well and respond with empathy to what might not be going well
  • A relationship-based approach to offer meaningful support
  • The culture and community in which the family is raising the infant/toddler


Suggested resources for IMH-informed preventative home visitors:


Baby Stages

Birth to 3 years


Preschool Stages

2-5 years


Rolling into Fatherhood:

A Dad’s Guide to Fun with Your Baby


Relationships First:

Training Companion for Baby Stages

Interested in Endorsement®?

If you serve infants, toddlers (0-36 months) and their families, you can apply for Endorsement® as an Infant Family Associate.  If you receive Reflective Supervision/Consultation about your work, you could apply for Endorsement® as an Infant Family Specialist.

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MI-AIMH offers a professional home for IMH-informed preventative home visitors.

Become a MI-AIMH member and plug-in to a network of over 1,000 professionals who also care about the well-being of babies and families.

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